Free CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Bitrix24’s CRM creates a contact base in which the interaction and the background of contacts are handled and stored.

Fully customizable self-evident variations of Bitrix24 with source code access can be found.

Managing Interaction

The CRM comprises tools to make reports, import/export contacts, carry out investigation, and also to perform segmentation of the target market as precisely as needed. Leads or contacts can be split among sales managers, advertising campaigns could be examined, and access permission to lead or any arrangement could be varied based on parameters or its status.

The interface at the CRM is handy and intuitive, and it features a CRM-only activity flow. Bitrix24 lets you choose whether to save data or in your server.

Reports and Revenue Funnels

a fast glance at the sales funnel provides a direct account of transactions in advance and their various stages. Stages can be used and every one appears in colour that was different and a line. The amount of the line corresponds to the amount of the deals and a table with the values that are numerical is displayed below the funnel. Bitrix24 lets you have sales pipelines and construct sales funnels in case you have profit centres or product lines.

CRM Dashboards

Dashboards in CRM are immediate snapshots of the main sales activities. Each agent can observe how many deals they have won, how many customers have not been invoiced broker’s rating as compared with sales team members and so forth. Information from the Bitrix24 CRM are inserted into a statement – pick the Contact or Lead. Recurring invoices are encouraged.

Products and services which are included in a statement can be chosen from existing things, or you could create new ones on the fly. Once completed, you print it out, save the bill and can send the bill directly to the customer’s email address from the CRM!

Revenue targets and quotas

Sales goals can be set straight inside Bitrix24 CRM. This means that you monitor their progress, and can set goals for all your sales representatives, each pipeline company. They may be set – either as a number of deals that need to be obtained for a time period, or a required sales volume.

CRM Website Forms

Free web form builder within Bitrix24 may be used to make any form. Templates for type types are included. Such as using pictures and custom CSS, the forms are customizable, and can be embedded into sites or hosted using pages that are public. Bitrix24 forms encourage field rules (conditional logic), article submit redirects, product catalogue and online payments. Information ends up in Bitrix24 CRM as contacts, prospects, businesses, deals, quotes or invoices, based on settings.

Open stations

Open stations connect most common social networks and messengers with Bitrix24 CRM. Messages from other programs and Facebook, VK Skype are dispersed according to the rules. All responses will be seen by the customers in the network or the messenger Though your workers use Bitrix24 and customers to communicate time that they initiated the contact with. Open channels operate using web, desktop and mobile versions.

Mobile CRM

The CRM is available from the Mobile App so that you may get the information you need while on the go. Bitrix24 Mobile CRM allows editing or creation of invoices and CRM entrances directly. You make calls, browse customer records, and may use the product catalog! Learn More about the Mobile App.

Emails to customers

Email advertising is free in Bitrix24 CRM. Send group or individual emails to a list. Each CRM supervisor can use another email account or you can assign one email address for use by all. The built-in integration using VoxImplant.Com permits you to make web telephone calls straight from a browser or Desktop App at costs which are lower than Skype. You can record phone calls that you make in the Bitrix24 CRM. Any group, department or independently selected user in the intranet might be assigned a’function’ such as sales supervisor, team leader, administrator, etc.. These functions can be allowed access.

Bitrix24 maintains a comprehensive log of which workers accessed your CRM documents and what they did together. As an administrator, you’re ready to see this info if needed, and restore values.

Marketing Automation

There are several sales and marketing automation principles inside Bitrix24 CRM which can be triggered by an assortment of events. You can add or remove lists and clients according to their behaviour. Ahead of their subscription expires, or you can call or send emails a fixed amount of days. You can automate your sales funnel, segment leads based on their actions and responses and push on down deals the pipeline.

Business procedures from the CRM

Leads and Prices can be processed with significant automation using business processes. Business processes fill in areas can alter the status of components, and create components such as deals.

Have a look at our movie on Business Processes in Bitrix24 CRM. Business processes in the document and CRM library would be the perfect way to generate Bitrix24 fit your company’s operations. This video demonstrates how to prepare a automated action that sends a notification to a user based depending on the CRM’s properties object itself. Lead capture applications, such as callback widget, site forms or chat come with code that works with any e commerce or CMS platform!

Added integration options are available through REST API.

Site and landing page founder

Create free site and landing pages which are linked to a CRM straight from within your Bitrix24 accounts. Bitrix24.Sites use visual block based editor, do not need any HTML coding and include free templates in addition to royalty free HD images. They set with marketing automation tools and email and we’ll provide you free hosting with bandwidth and unlimited pages.


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