Clipman vs VidElligence Review

What are VidElligence and Clipman?

Both Clipman and VidElligence 2.0 are cloud-based applications for automated video ad creation. These apps allow you to convert any URL (Product Page with images) to a high-converting stunning video (ad) with just a couple clicks.

Both come with professional templates, background audios, and training included…

How do these apps work?

Both tools work more or less the same.

  • Step 1. Select product URL and your Template you need to use. The software automatically grabs price product information and images.
  • Step 2. Order and select/Adjust the text and graphics found on the product page, or upload/add your own text and graphics. Plus choose your color settings.
  • Step 3. Render and download or share your video.

Watch the short teaser movie for Clipman to offer you a quick thought…

Or see the demonstration demo video for VidElligence:

Main differences VidElligence 2.0 and Clipman

The method is almost identical. You can either start from a product URL or from a template. And with both it is possible to select 3 templates simultaneously.

The steps are the same and with the two you can add your own graphics and add your own text (max. 60 characters per text line) and can set your colors, and add your own logo.

Both have also tutorials how the program should be used.

So what are the differences?


Clipman comes with 100 professional templates with VidElligence and 30.

All templates may be used for any purpose…

Though VidElligence has created specific templates to be used for Local Business Marketers, Owners & Consultants (instead of products), you may even use them for product pages and vice versa.

(The templates differ in animation and placements where the text appears)

I slightly prefer the Templates of Clipman over VidElligence although it is a matter of taste. I find them more appealing and professional.


As these templates were modeled from quite successful advertisements campaigns on Facebook. Sonot just a bunch of proven high-converting templates, although templates.

Audio Tracks

Clipman includes 3,000 professional tracks. VidElligence has only a few hundred.

Other differences:

Clipman includes a Facebook Video Ad editor that is built-in. Hence you may create your FB advertisements from within the software (no more downloading your video from the program and upload your movie to Facebook).

Clipman comes. A training definitely worth your attention.

Are there any flaws?

Both programs are cloud-based, are easy to use, and operate less or more the same.

Although the templates are professional, and it is a matter of preference which ones you prefer, you need to use the templates. You can not create your own templates.

Hence, both are easy tools to quickly create professional video ads, but you can’t compare them with complete video editors for animated videos as for example Explaindio 3.0.

As far as I understand, Clipman videos can be used for both Private and Commercial usages, but for VidElligence you can just buy the Personal license on the front-end page, and as closing upsell you can find the Commercial license ($39.00).


So overall, Clipman is my favorite app (better cost, templates, more audio tracks, extra FB Video editor, and extra interesting FB ads training).

  • ClipmanClipman ($47.00-$67.00)
  • Creator: Josh Ratta
  • Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 70/80/150 bonus points.

[Cloud-based software for automatic video advertising creation] Convert any URL (Product Page with graphics ) to a high-converting stunning video (ad) with only a couple clicks. Comes with 30 templates, 3,000 desktop audiospersonalization, FB Video Ad Editor, and Video Ads Workshops given by Advertisement Expert John Hutchison.


Plus for each product you can select 1 item for free on me

  • VidElligence 2.0Videlligence 2.0 ($97.00)
  • Use Coupon Code vid2 to get a few bucks off
  • Bonus: Special Bonus Page + 80/60/60bonus points that are / 70/70

[Cloud-based Video Creation program ] Easily create high-converting short video ads for ANY product in a few clicks.


  • Videlligence 2.0 Pro + Reseller ($39.00)
  • Videlligence 2.0 Commercial License ($39.00)

Plus for each product you can choose 1 product at no cost on jvzoowsoreview.com

Since I got the White Label rights to market VidElligence 1.0 as my own product, I can provide you with a great discount.

You may get VidElligence 1.0 with Personal License for only $37.00, or get the industrial License for $49.00 by going to this Sales Page.

Note: this is a special deal, you will get my priority support. There are no upsells, you won’t receive any bonuses, and I have my own”not joyful change for a different item refund policy”. You’ll have to purchase the regular version, if you want to buy any of the upsells or version 2.0!

Although the Artificial Intelligence has improved, the software is the same. But as main difference…

With version 1.0 you will get 50 templates and with version 2.0, you’ll get 100 templates.

To receive your bonuses send me your receipt and I’ll send your bonuses within a day.


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