Bitfinite Coin ICO Review

All You Have to Know About Bitfinite – Bitfinite Coin ICO Review

The Bitfinite is basically considered as a decentralized platform that is based on a blockchain technology wherein the users are conducting some transactions through networks of peer to peer. In addition to that, within this system, all the operations and businesses are done with the Bitfinite coin use.

As a matter of fact, the members of the program which is called the Bitfinite Community have already expressed continuous gratification to this network since it promotes the incomparable speeds which are safeguarding the privacy of the users.

The Bitfinite Crypto Community

The self-regulatory group of members is actually based on the ideology which seeks to empower its customers in order for they can totally enjoy the perks of having an investment in the industry of digital currency. Aside from that, taking people from different jobs and positions, as well as gathering them in a single environment, this program looks to making sure that everyone of their members are definitely equipped with skills and knowledge which will promote financial freedom.

The Bitfinite Coin

The Bitfinite Coin is the main medium of trade in the community of the Bitfinite Cryptocurrency. Considering that the platform is totally autonomous, the operations of these coins are completely dependent on the distribution, demand and supply as effected within their community.

 The Coin Supply

The major means in which the coin supply will happen is by the continuous mining and staking.

The Coin Demand

Actually, the currency is of no worth if it does not authorize all demands in the market. For this reason, some measures below are in the position to make sure that the demand for the Bitfinite Coin is somewhat endless.

Bitfinite Lending

Even with the loans, the investors may still produce more income, up to an ROI of 45 percent every month. Furthermore, the lending is usually controlled by the artificial intelligence expert system which helps the clients in simplifying the procedures.

 Bitfinite Staking

When a customer stakes some of their coins, their own computer becomes a node in the network, capable of transmitting and processing connections. On this period, staking customers gain bonus Bitfinite coins as well as improve the security of grid.

Bitfinite Trading

Right after the crowd sale, the coins will basically be available within the Cryptocurrency Community and some other famous crypto exchanges. In addition to that, the trading is under an oversight of an AI that makes sure of the value appreciation, price stability and continuous liquidity. As a result, the investors don’t have to be concerned about huge fluctuations in the coin worth.

Bitfinite Market Place

This will look to eradicate intermediaries so that the retailers may interact directly with the clients. And also, the referral bonuses will be provided to the customers who enroll their friends into the platform.

Bitfinite Lottery

The Bitfinite Lottery will still be in the works however, guarantees to be blockchain based and transparent as possible. Having said that, the funds that are being raised from an ICO are also expected to support this program.

 Bitfinite ICO

The Bitfinite ICO is actually a program aimed to mutually supporting both the investors and the company itself. The company will utilize the funds in order to promote the brand and improve its growth. On the other hand, the users will gain from the continuous appreciation of the coin value on sale.

The ICO is scheduled on December 18, 2017 and will expire on January 17, 2018.

 The Distribution of the Funds

20 percent – investors reserve fund

20 percent – marketing and advertising

20 percent – research and development

40 percent – exchange market stability

Bitfinite Future Goals

After the crowd sale, the Bitfinite Crypto Community will embark on improving its systems, focusing mainly on the customer’s security features and interface. After that, the coins will go spread in the external and internal exchanges accordingly. And finally, the last step of the road map will witness the launch of this Bitfinite Market Place.

Bitfinite Initial Sale

The Initial Coin Offering or the ICO was actually scheduled to operate at least a month. As a matter of fact, it began on December 18, 2017. in addition to that, due to the high demand, the coins (worth five million) were initially sold out in an approximate period of four hours, which is divided over five stages. Soon, the Bitfinite will launch an internal trading exchange where some new investors may still receive the BFC coins at a considerably low cost.

The transactions on the Bitfinite Blockchain are being processed at an extreme speed as well as make sure to have a total anonymity. In fact, the total supply is 21 million Bitfinite (BFC), in which, 5 million BFC has already been sold to the investors the previous crowd sale. The range of the prices is from $0.75 up to $1.15. Having said that, these coins are officially sold out. Nonetheless, this is not yet the complete count. Thus, the remaining coins will be going to be mined by the users of the community.

 What can you expect on the Bitfinite Coin cost?

The investors cannot really be sure about this concern. However, one may only make predictions just by studying at how they have performed themselves. As of now, I may only see that it will be at $10 to $15 each coin a few weeks from now, and that prediction is somehow reasonable. The cost of each coin may range from a low end to a high end.

Bitfinite Targets

The targets were accomplished by the year end of 2017:

Their lending platform will begin, their external and internal exchanges will launch as well as they will release their mobile wallets.

Uniqueness of the Bitfinite

Obviously, the most common question would be – what edges the Bitfinite from any other platforms?

Apart from the staking and the lending part, the Bitfinite is going to release two new features which will build a constant demand for BFC and ensure stability.

And lastly, the Bitfinite is a very good project that deserves attention. This should not be missed out and we encourage everyone to invest in this project for it provide passive income to people.




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